Steel Constructions
and Metalworking

During the manufacture of welded units, we always meet the highest standards and regulations. High quality, time flexibility and years of experience ensure maximum customer satisfaction with the final product.

Manufacture of Steel Constructions
Our company manufactures steel structures weighing up to 6 tons. We focus both on series production and the manufacture of individual weldments according to customer documentation. If necessary, we are able to prepare complete production documentation.

Non-Destructive Testing
We provide comprehensive non-destructive tests of fabricated weldments. Our company focuses on visual, penetration and magnetic tests according to DIN EN ISO 9712: 2013 as well as on ultrasound and radiography testing.



We carry out flexible manufacture of small - batch machinery orders. Moreover, we always strive to approach every customer individually and provide professional services.

Manufacturing Services
Our company uses conventional machine tools (lathes, milling machines, drill presses) as well as a CNC mill. Moreover, we perform finishing works on steel and metal structures, including surface treatments (blasting, coating, zinc coating etc.).

Single - Piece Production
Our main advantage is the provision of single -piece and small - batch production of simple machined workpieces according to customer documentation. In addition, our services include comprehensive design consultancy.


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